Living a primed life

Live • Play • Seek

What is a primed life?

After successfully raising 4 children, two of my own and two of my sister’s following her passing, I was more than ready to begin fully living my life. Like many others though, during those intense parenting and working years, I had neglected me. I no longer knew what filled my “personal well” with meaning. 

Though few of us live in a home with a well and a pump, priming the pump refers to putting some water in so it can pull more out. To do that in my personal life, to show up and be fully engaged, has meant re-connecting with all aspects of myself. Some I had known and some are yet to be discovered: Live. Play. Seek. 

The journey and all the things I have learned about creating a healthy and satisfying life in the present and for the future is what this site and my workshops are all about.


Passion, Purpose And Creating A Brave New You

Everywhere you look there is a book, article or blog urging you to follow your passion. Following those are promises to help you with their version of opening the secret door. I’m here to save you some money. Before I do though, I want to let you know that following...

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Life Long Learning, What It Really Means

Life long learning is a familiar phrase in the business world. While meant as a tool in furthering yourself and achieving greater success it is also an amazing tool for anyone looking to enrich their lives or when moving through transition. Why? Because learning isn’t...

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Humor, The Lighter Side Of Mindfulness

If mindfulness is defined by being in the present and fully aware of what is going on around you, then humor is a wonderful side note. Nothing speaks more to being in the present than appreciating the small absurdities of life. Which is why I am boldly putting this...

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How to Find The Spice Of Life

The spice of life. Have you ever considered how or where to find it? It’s not as hard as you think. A dash of one new spice in a tried and true recipe and you have a whole new dish. Sometimes it happens while trying to accomplish something else. Lots of inventions...

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A Country’s Birthday and Redefining Age

Age and aging are, I have decided, rather subjective terms. July 1st is the national day of celebration of the country I call home – Canada. At 150 years she is  either a teenager or an elder, depending on which country might be voicing its opinion.  This got me...

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Spirituality, Transition And Life Evolution

Spirituality and religion are not topics that I have written of before, mostly they just seem too “personal” to write about. Polite society taught us that you don’t discuss, at least with strangers, politics, religion and sex.  Over the years though, things have...

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More than a story of empty nest, mine is about having the courage to fully become myself. A journey of testing the boundaries of who I thought I was, what I need to fill my life with meaning and learning how to savour it. Now, I am also prepared to teach those ready to learn, how to prime the well of life.