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Yes, there is a story around the name of the site and you may find that some of my story relates to you, or at least that’s the purpose of my writing.

My goal is to write the kinds of things that will help you find some self understanding, and provide new ideas about how to rediscover the real you. To create the self that isn’t someone else’s idea of who you should be, but rather the self you want to be.

Perhaps, like me, you have been working towards creating the best version of yourself. Of trying to determine to live life on your terms. If we are the average of the 5 people who surround us, as stated by Jim Rohn, then think about the impact that has on us from an early age. Our family is the first group that helps us define who we are. Sometimes that is incredibly supportive, provides a great framework and helps us be the best we can be. Sometimes it’s not…

My life is a work in progress; of re-writing the early messages and continuing to define who I am and what is possible.

Guess what? It is a crazy exciting, interesting and possibility-filled world out there. If you don’t think so, well, this is the place I hope to help you find out about all the people and ways you can tap into learning about and incorporating lessons learned, from everyday folk just like you. Perhaps you may even look at your group of five and choose a new average setting.

As a people person blessed with the ability to put people at ease, I am often gifted with the stories of those around me. Entrusted with their life stories, their truths and their wishes for creating their own best lives, you will find within my writing my own ah-ha’s and those of the individuals I am in contact with. The gift from these conversations are the perspectives gained of lives similar to and different from mine. They fuel both my curiosity and desire to understand how any of us face our life challenges and create the lives we want.

I read – a lot. So you may find quotes or references to those works because I believe in sharing the gifts of those who are exploring their own questions and have offered up some of their research or insights.

Do I have all the answers? Absolutely not! I do however have ideas, questions and from time to time a little snippet of inspiration. From there, consider how you can take what you find within the stories I share and apply them to your life, your situation, and consider how they might serve you.

I am willing to be vulnerable, to give you the real deal. I promise it won’t all be heavy because frankly, life has so many ways to find our inner songs and joy.

My journey, past, present and no doubt future, is to continue to have the courage to at times unravel the past and see how that has impacted the present. Then it’s about taking the present and making some decisions about creating the future me. Not victim, but creator of the very best version of myself.

I hope you will join me on my journey, learn from it and add to it. Read along, share your thoughts and where you like, share your journey; what you have learned and how. Many voices, transitioning from- Is this it? To- This is it!

Here’s to the collective journey; thanks for stopping by.

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More than a story of empty nest, mine is about having the courage to fully become myself. A journey of testing the boundaries of who I thought I was, what I need to fill my life with meaning and learning how to savour it. Now, I am also prepared to teach those ready to learn, how to prime the well of life.