My Mantra-Step Out, Step Up, Show Up

If I had a mantra, it would be step out, step up and show up. Over these last three years, those simple words keep me moving forward. As mantras go, I think it is a pretty good one, especially this last week. I am tired. Tired, but in a good way. Tired because I have...

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Say, Have You Worked Out That Emotional Core Lately?

I have come to think of resiliency as our emotional core. Just like our physical core, it needs regular attention. If you have ever tried to get back into your fitness regimen after a few weeks holiday or after being sick, it is readily apparent that your body is not...

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Passion, Purpose And Creating A Brave New You

Everywhere you look there is a book, article or blog urging you to follow your passion. Following those are promises to help you with their version of opening the secret door. I’m here to save you some money. Before I do though, I want to let you know that following...

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Life Long Learning, What It Really Means

Life long learning is a familiar phrase in the business world. While meant as a tool in furthering yourself and achieving greater success it is also an amazing tool for anyone looking to enrich their lives or when moving through transition. Why? Because learning isn’t...

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Technology And Our Failure To Thrive

Today's technology is so embedded in our lives that it is hard to remember when  connection to friends, family and the world wasn't always available. Yet it seems to me it is a false connection and one that is creating whole communities which are failing to thrive. A...

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Choice, Change and Control It’s All Up To You

Today was a day of changing my mind, of making choices, and acknowledging where I have control. A lot can happen in one day if we choose to keep a nimble and open mind. It can keep things fresh, gives us unexpected choices  and keep us moving forward. When I awoke...

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A Year Of Writing And Learning

As we approach the end of 2016 I can proudly say that I have successfully completed my first year of writing for the blog,and achieved a whole lot of learning. Enough writing to generate a top 10 list and more importantly the chance to learn how to give you...

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Why Your Version of Life Matters

In this thing we call life, each of us is meant to create our own version.  What we pull out of it, what we express and put into the world is different because we are different. Inspiration, admiration and motivation can find us just about anywhere. Recently I found...

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