A Country’s Birthday and Redefining Age

Age and aging are, I have decided, rather subjective terms. July 1st is the national day of celebration of the country I call home – Canada. At 150 years she is  either a teenager or an elder, depending on which country might be voicing its opinion.  This got me...

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A Matter Of Question And Benefits Of Curiosity

This morning I woke up questioning why some people are successful at developing a life on their terms, not those set out by others. It was a result of a couple of movies I watched over the weekend and then a subsequent conversation. It's an excellent question and one...

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The Art of Listening

Listening, how well do you do it? Is it a lost art? Even the Greek philosopher Epictetus noted “ We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak”. He clearly thought it a skill needing development even then. What would he think now? It...

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