Relationships – Season, Reason or Life?

Once we move beyond our school years, it becomes clear  there are relationships that are  important to us only in the time frame in which they occur. A season if you will. Once completed, we move our separate ways. We may recall them with fondness and nostalgia, but...

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The Link Between Passion, Purpose and Joy

Follow your passion, this decade's call to action.  It appears to carry the promise that if you do, wealth and happiness are the natural by products.The suggestion is that the holy grail of passion will become your life's work. That mentality can cause a lot of...

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How To Live An Inspired Life

Spencer West, Maria P. and you, living inspired lives, or at the least, the potential to do so. Rarely do we link our life stories with those who have gained international, or even local attention. We see our lives as separate and with nothing in common to those...

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