Status quo is an abyss. You know the place I mean. It is when we quit thinking about what if and sink into good enough. It is watching reruns of television shows, losing yourself in the antics of media made celebrities who model the behaviour of self-centered children and add nothing to life. It is choosing inertia instead of activities  requiring you to show up and be seen. The abyss invites us to stay put and ignore opportunities to enrich  your life and the lives of others.

Instead of being interested, curious and ready to create some new thing, new connections or thought you are content to stay in the box of the known.

Have you noticed the people who exist within that box? Their eyes are dead, their features flat and their energy is a dark hole sucking the life out of those around them.

Where are they? Everywhere.

They are the parents tied to a cell phone, pushing a stroller and ignoring the little spark of life in front of them.

They are couples at dinner unable to hold a conversation, so they too escape to technology or stare silently at their food.

How does this happen? Where has possibility disappeared to? Of life to be explored and experienced?   Death by a thousand things bought and few providing lasting enjoyment.

Or maybe it is the illusion of connection without actually being in the moment with the person or people right here, with you.

Have you deluded yourself into thinking you know everything you are capable of? Have you accepted that new is only as portrayed by the stuff you buy rather than the things you learn or the limits you push yourself to emotionally or physically?

Inertia is self-perpetuating and you can creep along in this life or you can take a gulp of the uncertain and see what that feels like. Without a doubt, we all get to the same finish line, but will we arrive with a light in our eyes or the slumped shoulders of someone who gave up long ago?

I am gulping. What are you doing?

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