Frances’ people-centered motivational system moves mindsets to transform obstacles into opportunities

What does success mean to you?

I have grappled with that question and come to understand how pivotal it is in creating a life of purpose. At every stage and every age.

For me, success is about helping you see your potential, to connect you with the ideas, resources and opportunities to transform your life in and out of work.  

The journey forms the outcome

As a first- time solo entrepreneur, success meant helping my clients find their parenting feet with their newborn; and to reach out to other entrepreneurs and create a rural networking group.  

Later work, within the non-profit sector as Volunteer Manger, was about understanding the motivations and needs of volunteers and matching them to the needs of the organization – helping each to blossom and grow.

Success this time around – as a speaker and mentor, is to meet you on your journey of self awareness and self leadership. To ultimately ask, and support you as you answer, what is success for me?

Crafting life on your terms

Self leadership is guided by your self awareness – your vision, values and goals. When you know what’s important, then you can craft the life that has the greatest meaning. You become forward thinking, willing to meet life’s inevitable obstacles, while living and enjoying the present moment.

It’s the difference between following what others or society says and choosing to take responsibility for creating life on your terms. To act in accordance to your values and to create the goals which fill your life with meaning.

My life and work journey has consistently been about finding the lack and gaps in my own life and the organizations I’ve worked for, the events I’ve spoken at and the individuals I’ve mentored. And then, having found them, I’ve found ways to help fill them.

Life and education are equal teachers

I have some letters behind my name – B.A., CPPC and CERTESL and while I’ve worked hard for those designations, I give equal weight to the knowledge gained through my passionate self guided learning. 

If you’re ready to bring the topic of self leadership into your world – via conferences, association events, or individual mentoring, contact me. Let’s see how together we answer your question of success.  

My Story:

Every child has the right to expect to be loved unconditionally, but not every child receives that. The best analogy to Frances’ childhood and teens years is the story of the Ugly Duckling. Emotionally de-railed, her sense of personal self worth was battered and left her feeling of little value.

Despite her rocky emotional start, Frances discovered that her ability to connect with others, provide a listening and non -judgemental ear, is highly valued.

Since then, Frances has come to realize that obstacles are immense opportunities to become so much more than what we believe.

“While I would have preferred a more loving start to my life, I have come to see that each of us has a choice as to how we will deal with life’s inevitable challenges. I have learned how to face them and can teach others to do the same. “

Your Story:

Frances didn’t learn the power of personal leadership from her family, but rather through her interactions with others on her journey.

And that’s the message Frances ultimately brings to your audience – to look beyond what they think is possible for themselves, and dream big. To do more. Be more.

The only true obstacle, after all, is our own attitude – the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and the people and situations around us.

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