Today was a day of changing my mind, of making choices, and acknowledging where I have control. A lot can happen in one day if we choose to keep a nimble and open mind. It can keep things fresh, gives us unexpected choices  and keep us moving forward.

When I awoke today the first thing on my mind was the weather. The previous evening, after a slow drive home, I was reasonably certain I would not be attending a breakfast meeting I was registered to attend. Freezing rain had made a mess of the roads and while I got up with the alarm, believed that the meeting was out. In fact, the weather had changed sooner than expected. The meeting was on and my first change of mind for the day had occurred.

I was happy  to attend since the speaker, Kelsey Ramsden is a successful Canadian entrepreneur. Her talk, titled “Future Proofing” seemed promising and I wanted to hear what she had to say. She didn’t disappoint. Knowledgeable, direct and a great sense of humour, she gave some new perspectives and more information to consider. I especially liked her analogy around double dutch skip rope. Prior to jumping in, you are at the sidelines, waiting for the right moment to get in. While you are getting ready, it might seem like you are doing something, because you’re moving, but actually, you are still on the sidelines. A perfect imagery for the many times I have waited longer than necessary before jumping in. You want change? You have to jump in!

The second thing on my mind were thoughts of how best to work with the very challenging student who is doing a placement with me at my workplace. I consider myself firm but fair, and also think that I have something to learn from every person and every situation. To put it in the best light possible, my experiences with her have been rich with opportunities to learn.

I literally woke up with this student on my mind. Trying to plan how I might make the best of our last days together. She came to me as a high school student who is at risk of not completing her schooling. I wanted her to not just complete the placement but to have learned from it. To take away skills and ideas and knowledge she didn’t have before. At the first interview she seemed ready to commit herself to the placement, but like many, what she said and what she did were two different things.

The previous day had resulted in a brisk and honest exchange between us. Today? Well the choice was to carry over the previous day’s frustration or approach this day as a new one with opportunities for improvement. A good day. Another one for me to make the best of and to give her that message as well.

My lesson in all this? I don’t have any control in how she chooses to show up and the effort she is willing to put in, but I do. Each day is a new day and has as much chance of it being good as not, but it is up to me, or any of us, to decide. By the end of the work day, she seemed to have embraced the idea.

Next on my mind, the first coaching session I  booked. I know that to reach the level of success and goals I have set, expert help is useful. Experience has taught me that it’s beneficial to reach out and use the resources at hand. This woman is a bright, experienced and can-do professional. Even from the first session, I can see that how I show up in the world will change. Today we talked about the word “should”. I know that this subject is not one in which I swim alone. You can be sure that as I learn and gain insights, I will happily share those thoughts with you.

Finally, today’s blog post. I was inspired a couple of days ago and had some great conversations around my idea. It fairly flew from brain to fingers and posting it the last task of the day. As you might be able to tell, that post is not this post, that’s because I changed my mind! Instead of early to bed, it will be another long day. I could have gone with the writing I had done, no one the wiser but me. Except today was rich with lessons and reminders. Two choices, go the easy route and lose the chance to share some of my insights with you. Or, write something I felt would have more value in this moment.

Today was about putting into practice and acknowledging where I have control, where I don’t and being okay with it all. Really, the only place I will ever have control is over my thoughts and my actions. Today, that meant changing my mind, be that with regards to my decisions, my attitude or my writing.

As a final thought, to all this talk of change, is a daily practice someone close to me shared. “Regardless of the weather, the coming day’s events or the people with whom you will interact, get out of bed and have your first thought be – it’s a beautiful day.” Seems like good advice to me and one I will extend to all of you. May this day, and all your days, be beautiful.

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