A friend who is also a writer, said once, “When you take the chance of showing your creative baby to the world, the fear is that someone will say- wow, ugly baby.” It’s a risk, as is anything that you care about. It’s not just about doing it right, it’s about doing it “good enough”. Because, you know, maybe you’re really not qualified enough, to be creating the work.

       I don’t know about you, but I find the biggest obstacle at making a significant change or doing something I care about, is what happens in my head. Negative Nelly I call her. She talks to me in ways I’d never think to say to someone else. She challenges me with the not good enough spiel, or what do you have to offer that has any value?

Welcome to Imposter Syndrome

      I know I’m not the only one that feels this way, because I’ve talked to countless smart, talented people. Professionals at all levels who despite their accomplishments struggle with the internal dialogue.  It happens for any number of reasons, the biggest being the fear of failure. Of being found out that we don’t measure up.

We might even worry that we haven’t set a worthy enough goal. It’s as if we’re stuck in the high-school mindset of comparison thinking. Believing that others have it all together and that we’re the only ones immersed in the sea of self doubt.  This isn’t to say it happens in every corner of our lives, just the ones where we feel the vulnerability of showing our whole self.

“Perfectionism (aka fear) is a road block to being the person we could be.”

      Author and researcher Brene Brown, talks about perfectionism, among other things, as a road block to being the person we could be. The authentic and genuine person that others actually want to know and are able to connect with. The person that is enough, as is, and as such can move mountains and create a full and meaningful life.

       So often, too often, we feel alone and there’s no need for that. Put aside the fear of showing up in your life. Consider surrounding yourself with the people and information that will help you get to where you want to be. You can indeed move from, is this it? To this is it, and this is it, and this is it – one step at a time.

      This post is a dedication of sorts, to having the courage to be seen, as I pursue a long held dream. It’s knowing I’m opening myself to others opinions – good, bad and possibly ugly. Maybe they will think I’m not qualified or maybe, just maybe they’ll look at my creative babies and say, she’s getting it done. Either way, the only person I really need to answer to is myself.

The remedy to the fear within is to remind yourself of how far you’ve come

If Imposter Syndrome is the fear of not having the credentials for the job, the best way to beat that is to just start doing what you’ve set out to do. We all start as beginners and we’re all continuing to learn. That never ends, so then it’s a matter of stepping back from time to time and reminding ourselves of how far we’ve come.

Are you ready to start pushing back at the feelings of not good enough? Then please, give yourself permission to fully step into your life and see where following your dreams will take you.

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