Living the dream, one baby step at a time. That’s how I’ve come to appreciate and understand the goals and dreams I have set out for myself.  A children’s book, written three years ago, and sitting in a notebook waiting for me to find the courage to bring it to life. Do you have something similar awaiting your permission to make its presence in your life? If you do, now is the time to open yourself to its pursuit.

Habits of Success

Since I opened the door to this dream I am experiencing some unexpected results. These include fostering new habits, exercising tenacity and meeting new people. As I have read about entrepreneurs and the habits of successful people, one of the most common habits is waking early. More night hawk than early bird I have chosen to create a new habit. Morning time creates the opportunity to pursue my writing goals. It is not nearly as difficult as I thought, and has shown immediate benefits.

Firstly, I am putting me and my goals first. This has been its own lesson in self-care. Like many people, parents especially, much of my life has been tending to others before myself. On the surface this change is a baby step.  However at a deeper level it is a visible action that I take myself and this dream, seriously. Secondly, claiming the time and making it first on the agenda gives the project a priority status. It solidifies the intent.

Next came negotiating my work hours to a more consistent schedule. Negotiation is also not a strong suit, but looking for the win for  my employer (yes, the job that pays the bills) gave me the confidence to suggest it. Good for them and good for me. Now I have a cohesive chunk of time to work on my project in a consistent manner. Once again, a step giving positive results to advancing the work and to my mental state. I am committing to making the book a reality. I am taking it from dream to substance. There is a lot of satisfaction in taking action towards a dream.

 Personal Fulfillment And Your Dream

Author Chris Guillebeau wrote a book “The Happiness of Pursuit”. In it, he states the happiest people are those who have chosen a project, skill or goal and pursued it. Something that requires more of themselves than they might have considered and demands  time and effort. I am beginning to understand what he means.

While I will be working hard to make my children’s book a financial success, I am already benefiting from all the ways I am meeting the challenges. These range from researching resources for self publishing, seeking out further information about creating a business in this age of social media, to becoming better at defining goals. All new and all pushing me to become more present in my life. Less observing and more doing.

In his book “I Can See Clearly Now” author Wayne Dyer notes that if he hadn’t pursued his writing, speaking and teaching he would have felt hollow. As he listened to his intuition he felt a push to bring it into the world. His wish was to be of service and if he abandoned something that was meant to be expressed, the regret would be life long.

We all have secret inner longings and if we don’t it’s because we have successfully pushed them down or avoided taking actions that would bring us to them. Whatever our life span, we all have the same number of hours in our day. How we choose to use them is up to us.

Myths of Success

There is a longstanding myth around artists, athletes or entrepreneurs who become successful. The idea is their success came from a lucky break or being in the right place at the right time. While serendipity does exist, overnight success is largely a myth.  Most have put in long hard hours and years within their field to get where they want to be. It is also true  there is no guarantee of success even with time and effort. Nevertheless, few of those who try and don’t reach their highest goals, would say the effort was wasted. There is always something to learn, people to meet and an understanding of self and the world that didn’t exist before.

It is less important what we choose, than it is that we choose.  The combination of goal setting and actions, yes even baby steps, are the happiest part of the journey. There will be challenges and set backs, unforeseen obstacles. All of them help us become clearer about what it is that we want and what we are prepared to do to make it happen. Incremental actions, bit by bit, move our lives upward and inward creating the person we long to be.

As you embrace this new season, consider the actions you can take or perhaps are already taking, to where you want to be in your life. Care to share? Please leave a comment.

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