Hey y’all, I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to hear is that I am a dead eye, or have dead eyes. We’re not talking about being a sharp shooter, but someone who is missing that spark in their eye. Yeah, those people, who look like they are already mounted and drifting toward the last sunset.

What have you done lately that has put the spark in your eye, tickled your funny bone or otherwise reminded you that you are alive and well?

I rode a bike. Yeah. That’s it. I used to ride them a lot as a teenager (used to being an important phrase.)

A friend picked up a bike for me, no cost and I was delighted. It meant I could start doing something I used to enjoy.

Funny thing though, that time between then and now, somehow my confidence in straddling the bike wasn’t as clear as the 1000 times before. My heart sped up, my breathing got shallow and the  voice was…eek! That surprised me. Scared? Of riding a bike? Isn’t there a saying about “it’s just like riding a bike?”

Since the gift-or was looking at the gift-ee (that would be me) expectantly, I could only get on and push-off.

I came perilously close to hitting the parked car on the other side of the road. For real. I knew I was heading there but somehow balancing, pedaling and steering were all operating as separate skills.

Good news, I was able to get it together before an unfortunate parked car incident.

You can bet that along with my heart pumping, my eyes were alight. No dead eye here. An old love has resurfaced and now I have a great summer time project. (And a rather funny story.) Re-mastering the bicycle. It’s not Mt. Kilimanjaro but it is re-entry to my life. I may be heading towards a sunset, but it won’t be the final one, because I have lots of adventures before that.

If the sunset is a part of your day, make it a sight, not a destination.

So, what about you? You ready to shed the dead eye and get some sparkle and enthusiasm? Perhaps pull out some of your “used- tos” and make them “once agains”? Consider this the cattle call to living your life.

I would love to hear your stories. Drop me a note.