A personal evolution wasn’t always as evident in pre-technology days. Now however, depending on the author and the platform, the before and after is far more visible.

Which brings me to a very personal evolution,  found within the 100 plus blog entries on this site.

January of 2016 began a journey of self expression and a quest to bring thoughts around transition and change to others that might be on the same path.

Originally titled “Frances Found” in part as a reflection of the journey I was undertaking, and because I was re-creating my identity. I have learned much and am grateful for the support I have received. None of us do the big things without it. (A well-deserved shout out to friends Colin & Marie Fiander who helped me practically and personally in the courage to begin.)

Two years later, that little blog has become a business. Much transition and tremendous change. Personal and professional evolution.

Welcome to my site – with my name – Frances Hickmott – speaker, consultant and writer. My area of expertise – transforming obstacles into opportunities- learned from my professional and personal experiences.

Personal evolution comes from taking full responsibility for ourselves

Where will I be in another two years? I hope on the cusp of greater contributions to the world, making it a better and more hopeful place to be.

The great thing about stepping more fully into our lives, of taking full responsibility,  is to be open to possibility. We can and should create a vision, so we know what we are working towards. Then we add to the journey by being open to what comes up along the way. My experience? Unexpected help by people who want to see you succeed.  Truly a wonderful gift.

By placing my attention on writing about change and transition, I also built my own base of knowledge which I can use to help others. And so a business is born.

I write regularly on the blog and contribute to social media too. I am happy to have you join me where and as you can and for you to comment as you see fit.

Why remain bound to old stories when you can Start Transforming Obstacles Into Opportunities For Personal and Professional Success, Today. 

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