“Down a dark desert highway…” exactly how it feels when you are facing down your inner critic who whispers “you’re not good enough.”.

Yes, the beginnings of a pretty great song, by a group that I enjoy. When news came of the death of the band’s founding member Glenn Frey, I was reminded of a documentary I saw about them. There was a moment in it when I realized that I had something in common with them, and you might too.

The fear of being good enough, or not good enough. Huh. So, they have all kinds of hits but when they were getting back together and beginning to write, they were afraid. Did they still have it? Could they still work together? Would the outcome be up to the previous work?

The not good enough monster only comes out to play when it’s personal

If you’ve ever tackled anything that is going to be “out there – for the world to see” you probably know what I’m talking about. When I am writing for work, the doubts don’t arise, I just get down to it and get the job done. The fear demon doesn’t raise its red eyed, long teeth, bad breath self. Nope, it’s just me and my computer and it’s off to the races.

But! If it’s me and my prose, whoa, that’s a whole other story. So, somehow it’s comforting to know that there are accomplished musicians and writers and anyone taking the journey of expression who faces the “not good enough monster” and does it anyway.

I don’t promise great literary works (though it might be a secret dream) but I do promise to continue to create, to do. I think Yoda (sparked by another creative type) would famously say, “There is no try. There is do or do not.”

As Glenn Frey found, and haven’t we all? Not doing is the only part that is truly not good enough. The not good enough monster finds us all, stare it down and do it anyway.